Friday, 24 February 2012

Caramelised White Chocolate


I'm back. With a new look, and a new style. Style as in look, and style as in content. My blog is all about me, my food, my work, and my running. I have struggled to keep my blog active over the last few months as my work has kept me busy and after baking all day (I made 19 sponges in 4 hours the other day) I just didn't feel like all the food-based blogging when I got home. So I have decided to vary things a bit. Blog about food and cooking and baking still, but add variety with work stuff, running stuff and any other stuff that comes to mind. So I hope thats ok. Let me know what you think. I do it for you, my invisible audience.



So I was home this afternoon. I worked this morning, then I took the pooch running in the woods. 10k later and my legs are feeling it. I am not as fit as I used to be. Its a shame. But I still love it. It was warm today too. Like a whole 12 degrees. I had actual sweat in my hair and all over my t-shirt. could it be the first vestiges of spring? Or is it just mother nature teasing us with the wonderful warmth, just to dump a foot of snow on us again at easter? Who knows. I will enjoy it while it lasts and try not to speculate. 
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